Phosphatidic Acid (Mediator) (500mg) NutraBio
Phosphatidic Acid (Mediator) (500mg) NutraBio
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Phosphatidic Acid (Mediator) (500mg) NutraBio

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Dreaming of that sculpted physique? Dive into the potent power of Phosphatidic Acid (Mediator), the game-changer in muscle building science. Whether you're hitting the gym hard or just starting on your fitness journey, incorporating this wonder molecule can be your secret weapon to achieve peak muscle growth.

Why Phosphatidic Acid (Mediator) Stands Out:

  • Muscle Building Magnified: Amplify your gains and see results faster.
  • Optimized Recovery: Not just about size, it ensures your muscles recover and rebuild stronger after every workout.
  • Natural Catalyst: Working in sync with your body, it activates the muscle-building pathways that matter.

Join countless fitness enthusiasts who've harnessed the magic of Phosphatidic Acid (Mediator) for transformative muscle building results. Don't just work out; optimize every sweat drop for superior muscle growth!

Phosphatidic Acid

  • 500mg Mediator ® PA per capsule
  • Enhances lean mass gains*
  • Supports incresed strength*
  • Encourages fat loss & body recomposition*
  • Combats muscle breakdown*

Building muscle & strength is a relentless pursuit -- one that requires consistency, dedication, and effort in the gym as well as in the kitchen. Yet, even the most diehard lifters will hit a sticking point where the gains seem to slow to a snail’s pace. At this point, you have two options:

  1. Be satisfied with what you’ve accomplished and “coast,” OR
  2. Dive head first into the world of muscle building supplements and see if you can tap into those “hidden gains”

Invariably, the hardcore lifters will explore any and all options to take their gains to the next level.Unfortunately, the vast majority of supplements masquerading as “muscle builders” are ineffective and lacking research. Mediator PA offers what every other overhyped muscle building supplement lacks -- research in humans showing gains in size and strength!

What is Mediator® PA?

Mediator PA is a natural muscle building supplement that has been shown to directly activate mTOR -- the signaling pathway that drives muscle protein synthesis in humans. Research involving resistance-trained athletes has found that supplementing with Mediator PA leads to increases in lean mass gains, muscle strength, and body fat loss.[1,2]

Mediator PA is an ultra-premium form of phosphatidic acid (PA) from ingredient innovators, ChemiNutra. Phosphatidic Acid (PA) is a lipid messenger that accelerates muscle protein synthesis by stimulating the Mechanistic Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) pathway.

Benefits of Mediator PA

Increased Size & Strength

Research has shown that lifters taking phosphatidic acid (750mg/day = 1500mg Mediator PA):

  • Increased their squat strength by 12.7%
  • Increased lean body mass by 2.6%[1,2]

Fat Loss & Body Recomposition

Individuals supplementing with phosphatidic acid, in conjunction with resistance training, lost 2.8 pounds of body fat compared to only 1.1 pounds of fat loss for the control group.[2]

Aids Recovery

Muscle growth and recovery is ultimately a balance of protein synthesis vs protein breakdown.

In addition to stimulating protein synthesis, Phosphatidic Acid (PA) may help limit catabolism by reducing the expression of a set of genes that encourage muscle protein breakdown.[3]

High Bioavailability

Phosphatidic acid offers high bioavailability and has been shown to be efficiently absorbed and utilized in humans when taken orally (the same of which CANNOT be said for other “natural muscle building supplements”).[4]

High Safety Profile

Phosphatidic acid is natural and non-hormonal.

Ready to level up your muscle-building game? Embrace Phosphatidic Acid (Mediator) today!